Delta School Recycling Challenge: 2018 winners!

Our third annual Delta school district Recycling Challenge took place last November and we’ve got some fresh news for you! Devon Gardens Elementary and Pebble Hill Elementary won the first and second prizes. They collected 707kg and 445kg of small appliances respectively in just one week!

The Devon Gardens Elementary school kids emerged as the winners of our Delta Elementary Recycling Challenge. They won a Pizza Party for the whole school and a giant cheque for $1000 to go towards green initiatives at their school. What an amazing team of young recyclers!

The competition involved thirteen Delta schools: Devon Gardens, Gibson, Delview Secondary, Hellings, Heath, Seaquam Secondary, Cougar Canyon, Neilson Grove, Hawthorne, Ladner, Delta Secondary, South Park, and Pebble Hill. Each school was given an ElectroRecycle bin for one week, November 26th-30th, to see who could round up the most broken or unwanted small electrical appliances.

2018’s results were astonishing. In 2016 and 2017, the participating Delta schools respectively rounded-up 1952kg and 2440kg of small appliances and power tools, filling eight mega bags with broken toasters, hair straighteners and power drills and giving an unanticipated amount of extra lifting for our pallet jack. In 2018, they succeeded in gathering a record breaking 3110kg of small appliances, which is approximately the weight of an adult Asian elephant!

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all the schools who participated, especially to the staff and students who helped.


Accepted small appliances



Do you want to help your local school win $1000 for your schools’ sustainable initiatives by recycling unwanted small appliance and power tools?

Take a look at the video made by the awesome kids at Pebble Hill about the recycling challenge. You can ask us any questions or find out how to get involved by contacting Lauren at

Keep on recycling,