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Kerrisdale Recycling Drop-off: City of Vancouver

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August 24
Magee Secondary School Parking Lot, Vancouver

In partnership with the City of Vancouver, ElectroRecycle will be collecting small appliances, power tools, and electric outdoor power equipment for recycling at the municipality’s Zero Waste Drop-off Event!

Residents are welcome to drop off many types of small electrical appliances with a cord or battery including microwaves, air fryers, aromatherapy diffusers, portable fans, electric saws, electric leaf blowers, and vacuums.

Click here to discover the 400+ types of small appliances that will be accepted.

Click here to discover the types of electric outdoor power equipment that will be accepted.

Event Date: Saturday, August 24

Time: 10am to 1pm

Location: Magee Secondary School Parking Lot, 6360 Maple Street, Vancouver

At this event, the City of Vancouver will also be accepting a variety of other items for reuse and recycling including TVs, computers, light bulbs, light fixtures, phones, used clothing, shoes, textiles, books, and household batteries! Visit the City of Vancouver’s website for more information.

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