CESA Product Returns and Exchanges Policy

The purpose of the Product Returns and Exchanges Policy (the “Policy”) is to provide a framework for the consistent application of EHFs to products sold into the marketplace, and subsequently returned by the consumer for a refund, or exchanged for a same or similar product.

A Member can deduct the fees associated with a returned product on their next fee remittance report. Product Returns Recycling fees are payable to CESA only on the net quantity of product sold or supplied in the reporting period (i.e. total product sales less any products returns/refunds relating to the same or prior periods).

Members must keep a reconciliation of the quantity of products sold and the quantity of returned products and associated refunded fees on file for auditing purposes. In all cases, customers will be reimbursed any recycling fees charged at the time of the sale.

Product Exchanges (identical product): Members must keep reconciliation records for products sold with an EHF and subsequently exchanged for an identical product, where there is no refund of the purchase price. The member should report the sale as usual, one unit sold (current reporting period) and one unit returned (current or past reporting period), with a net effect of one EHF due to CESA.