Recycling Ambassadors Travel Northern B.C.

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After two years and a global pandemic, ElectroRecycle is incredibly excited to welcome two Summer Recycling Ambassadors from Northern B.C. to our team! This year we’re changing it up from southern B.C.-based Ambassadors to having a Prince George-based team. However, it’s not just Prince George that will be seeing our Ambassadors!

The Ambassadors will be traveling around Northern B.C. and the Kootenays to host recycling collection events this summer and help keep small appliances and power tools out of landfills in B.C.’s rural communities! To learn where our B.C. Recycling Ambassadors are heading or if you’re interested to connect for a collection event, read on!


Who Are The Recycling Ambassadors?

Madison and Anna are university students from Prince George with a passion for their province and the environment. They’re excited to represent ElectroRecycle at collection events and inform British Columbians about the 400+ types of small appliances and power tools that can be recycled through our program! Overall, the Ambassadors have two main tasks this summer:

  • Firstly, connect with rural communities in B.C. to offer recycling of small appliances, power tools, and electric outdoor power equipment.
  • Secondly, learn about existing recycling and repair initiatives for small appliances and power tools in those communities – since a simple way to take care of our planet is to repair before recycling. 

So if you see the Ambassadors in your town please stop for a chat. They want to learn all about repairing and recycling small appliances in your community!

Picture of Northern BC Recycling Ambassadors, Madison and Anna, at ElectroRecycle's collection booth. Madison is holding a cute puppy.

Why Northern B.C and The Kootenays?

Did you know? ElectroRecycle partners with over 250 collection locations throughout the province. However, there are still some small communities where access to small appliance and power tool recycling is a challenge. Therefore, to help bridge the gap the Summer Ambassadors will be traveling to areas in Northern BC and the Kootenays without ready access to a permanent depot.

This will be ElectroRecycle’s first-year hiring Ambassadors with a home base of Prince George. In past years, ElectroRecycle’s outreach initiatives were based in Vancouver. Subsequently, our Ambassadors are aiming to reach Northern BC communities that have not been reached in a few years. And some that have never been reached before!


How Will I Know When an Event is Near Me?

ElectroRecycle’s website has an up-to-date events page where our upcoming events can be found. Also, you can follow us on social media for information about collection events, recycling faqs, and other recycling initiatives such as the Ambassadors’ road trips! Connect with our accounts here:


Is Your Community Interested in Hosting a Recycling Event?

The Ambassadors are planning their schedule for the summer and want to help your community recycle small appliances and power tools. If you or someone you know represents a community without easy access to a recycling depot in Northern or Eastern BC we want to hear from you! Connect with us on social media or email to chat about planning a collection event in your area.


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