The ElectroRecycle Mail-in Recycler
CESA Mailer OUTLINED - post_Outer Envelope B copy 2

Coming soon to a mail box near you! This is the greatest thing to happen to recycling since the addition of the other two R’s. If you live in Invermere,… Read more »

Upcoming Events Across B.C.

Here’s a look at the upcoming events we’ve got in the next few months. We travel this beautiful province hosting recycling events, community clean-ups, attending festivals and community events and… Read more »

Recycling All Winter Long at the Vancouver Farmers’ Markets
Farmers Market Winter logo

The people of Vancouver have proven that Winter might just be the best time of year to recycle. It’s time to put on your snowshoes, grab your reusable bags and… Read more »

Delta School Recycling Challenge
delta school recycling challenge

It’s time for our third annual Delta school district Recycling Challenge. We’re we find out which Delta school can recycle the most small appliances in a week! Right now until… Read more »

Quick Repair Tips to Save You Money
Repair saves you money

We all try to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as much as we can, but it seems like we’re still forgetting something. You could add Refuse to that list, as it’s important to turn down unnecessary waste… Read more »