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Have seasonal storms left your yard a mess? Then take note of our new partnership with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC). What exactly is notable you ask? Well, as a result of our partnership, electric outdoor power equipment is now accepted at ElectroRecycle collection sites across BC!

So if you head out intending to give your hedge a good trim but your electric cutters are shot – bring them to an ElectroRecycle collection location near you! Moreover, electric hedge trimmers aren’t the only equipment you can recycle. Read on to learn more about our collaboration and the electrical outdoor items now accepted at ElectroRecycle’s 200+ drop-off locations!

A B.C. Product Stewardship Team

Both ElectroRecycle and OPEIC run Product Stewardship programs to help keep electrical products out of BC’s landfills. Our organizations make up two of fifteen Product Stewardship programs in British Columbia. Each Product Stewardship program is responsible for recycling a different category of product. Hence, ElectroRecycle is the program responsible for recycling small appliances and power tools, and OPEIC looks after the recycling of electric outdoor power equipment in BC.ElectroRecycle and OPEIC Logo Images and list of products recycledOPEIC is a bit different from ElectroRecycle (learn more about the ElectroRecycle program here). OPEIC not only operates a BC recycling program but is also a non-profit international trade association. The organization represents manufacturers and suppliers of products that are core to the landscape, forestry, and construction industries.

Since the types of products recycled by our two organizations are similar, teaming up to maximize the number of recycling locations available to British Columbians was a natural fit. Now you can recycle your small appliances, power tools, and electric outdoor power equipment all in the same place!

What outdoor power equipment can be recycled?

Old or broken equipment can be recycled if it is powered by electricity (whether by batteries or an electric cord) and it fits into one of these categories:

  • Hand-held electric outdoor power equipment (EOPE). Such as chain saws, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and garden sprayers
  • Walk-behind EOPE including lawnmowers, snow-blowers, and lawn aerators
  • Free-standing EOPE like mulchers, power washers, and wood chippers
  • Battery-powered lawn tractors

Outdoor power equipment that relies on a fuel-powered engine is not included in the program. A full product list of recyclable electric outdoor power equipment can be found here.

Have something you’re not sure about? Get in touch with OPEIC here.

Where can I recycle my items?

Thanks to this new partnership, OPEIC and ElectroRecycle now have a large network of collection sites throughout BC. To find your nearest site, visit the locator on the OPEIC website.

In addition to collection sites, ElectroRecycle and OPEIC co-ordinate collection events for the public throughout the year. Keep up to date with the latest events in your area here.

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