Planet Protector Academy: Partnership to Inspire Zero Waste Superheroes

Recycling at School
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Calling all teachers and parents! Have you heard about the Planet Protector Academy? Created by DreamRider Productions, it’s an exciting environmental education program for kids in grades 3 to 6. We are pleased to announce that ElectroRecycle and DreamRider Productions are teaming up to help BC students learn all about refusing, reusing, repairing, and recycling!

Thanks to this partnership, the Academy’s Zero Heroes program is fully funded and available at no cost to students in Surrey and Kamloops until June 2021! In these two School Districts, teachers (with in-person OR virtual classrooms) and students learning from home can sign up to access the lessons for free!

Read on to find out more, including how to sign-up today.

Waste Solutions: From Recycling to Beyond

ElectroRecycle is a not-for-profit recycling program committed to keeping small appliances and power tools out of British Columbia’s landfills. Our program accepts more than 400 types of electrical small appliances and power tools for recycling at collection locations across BC.

We love seeing British Columbians recycle their old and broken small appliances and power tools at our 200+ collection locations. However, in the quest for a healthy and sustainable planet, we know that recycling is just one piece of the puzzle in reducing waste. It’s also essential to put into practice all the other pieces! Have you considered all the ways to keep materials out of the landfill, before recycling?

For example, before recycling, we encourage you to participate in our program by maintaining, repairing, reusing, sharing, and donating your small appliances and power tools! These simple but important measures can increase the lifespan of your items, and help the planet!

Zero waste and recycling steps for a healthy planet

Teaming-up to Inspire Zero Waste Superheroes

ElectroRecycle wanted a fun and impactful way to get this message across to our younger generation. And the Zero Heroes program by the Planet Protector Academy is the perfect fit! The Planet Protector Academy engages students through story, arts, and gameplay – but that’s not all!

In addition to the positive environmental values our organizations share, what drew ElectroRecycle to collaborate with the Planet Protector Academy is the emphasis it puts on taking lessons learned and turning them into real-world actions. Above all, the Zero Heroes program inspires kids to explore our garbage predicament and change their families’ waste habits. What’s more, studies have shown that environmental education programs really do impact environmental behaviours, leading to lasting change for future generations and the planet! How super is that?!

Through our partnership, we are thrilled to present “The Repair Song”, now part of the Planet Protector’s Zero Heroes program!

Sign-up for Teachers

The Planet Protector’s Zero Heroes program is an engaging teaching resource covering a range of waste reduction topics for grades 3 to 6.

Through ElectroRecycle’s support, the Zero Heroes program is fully funded for use by teachers in the Surrey and Kamloops School Districts for the first half of 2021! Additionally, funding for other areas may be available – contact the Planet Protector Academy team for more info.

Overall, the Zero Heroes program helps teachers to:

  • Meet BC’s curriculum expectations with 6 pre-planned lessons (60-90 minutes each). Use the lessons at your own pace and easily shift to remote learning if schools close.
  • Include Indigenous knowledge and perspectives, with content developed in collaboration with Elders, culture keepers, and artists. Learn more.
  • Engage students in joyful learning through fun arts and game-based activities (adapted for COVID-19 protocols).

Register today: 

  1. In the classroom: see full details and get access.
  2. At home: the virtual after-school “Home Edition” may be a good option!

Want to know more? Check out this two-minute video overview of how it works!

Sign-up for Parents

Looking for educational entertainment for your kids? The Zero Heroes program is available at home via 6 weekly live webcasts, starting either January 28th or May 4th, 2021. Additionally, recordings of the webcasts are available to keep things flexible for busy parents.

Thanks to funding from ElectroRecycle, families in Surrey and Kamloops can view them at no cost! Funding for other areas may be available – contact the Planet Protector Academy team for more info.

The weekly, interactive live webcasts include:

  • Fun arts and game-based learning activities
  • Lessons in science, arts, language, and social studies
  • Tips and tools for mental wellbeing during this challenging time

Register today: Full details and sign-up info!

Want to know more? Here’s a quick overview of the Home Edition!

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