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Notice of Decrease to CESA’s Environmental Handling Fees effective October 1, 2018

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Revised Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) for the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA) ElectroRecycle Program will come into effect for all sales of program products on or after October 1, 2018. The current EHFs for these products continue to apply to sales made up to and including September 30, 2018. The table below outlines the revised EHFs.

Product CategoryEHF Per Unit until September 30, 2018EHF Per Unit Effective October 1, 2018
1. Kitchen Countertop – Motorized Appliances$0.50$0.50
2. Kitchen Countertop – Heating Appliances$0.80$0.80
3. Kitchen Countertop – Heating Appliances (coffee/tea)$0.70$0.70
4. Microwave Ovens$6.25$5.00
5. Time Measurement & Display Devices$0.40$0.20
6. Weight Measurement$0.40$0.30
7. Garment Care Appliances$0.70$0.60
8. Air Treatment Appliances$1.00$0.95
9. Personal Care Appliances$0.40$0.25
10. Full-sized Floor Cleaning Appliances$2.50$2.50
11. Smaller Floor/Surface Cleaning Appliances$0.50$0.50
12. Test and Measurement Tools$0.50$0.35
13. Hand-held Power Tools$0.80$0.55
14. Bench-top, Demolition, Free-standing Power Tools$2.20$1.20
15. Sewing / Textile Machines$2.75$2.75
16. Exercise Machines$2.60$1.85
17. Sports, Leisure, Arts, Crafts, Hobby Devices$0.75$0.75
18. Designated Very Small Items$0.20$0.20

CESA’s online fee reporting system will be updated to reflect this change in EHFs for sales reports filed for October 2018 and beyond. It is recommended that all members begin preparing their systems and discussing this change with any employees involved in administering these fees, or if applicable, with business partners in your supply chain, to ensure any EHFs applied at the retail point of sale or applied on wholesale invoices to customers in your supply chain, on or after October 1, 2018 reflect the new EHFs.
The EHFs are set by CESA’s Board of Directors, which includes leading small appliance and power tool industry representatives, and not by government. CESA has developed the revised fee rates based on a number of factors including:

  • Projected revenue based on estimated sales;
  • A desire to ensure EHFs are as reflective of the actual recycling costs as possible, given variations in product manufacturing including light weighting;
  • Efficiencies achieved in operational procedures resulting in an overall decrease of operating expenses.

Thank you for your continued support of CESA’s ElectroRecycle Small Appliance and Power Tool Program. If you have any questions and comments regarding this matter please contact Jenn Robson, CESA Program Manager by email at memberservices@cesarecycling.ca or by phone at 1-877-670-2372.

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