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Delinquent Account Policy Update

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Please be advised of an important update to the Delinquent Account Policy (the Policy) of the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA).
On Monday Dec 8th, 2014 CESA posted a new Policy on their website. The Policy is available for review here.
As the Policy will become effective February 28, 2015, we recommend that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with its contents.

Below are some notable highlights of the new Policy:

  • As outlined is section 5 – Administrative Penalty – members who are delinquent in the reporting and remitting of environmental handling fees (EHFs) are subject to a penalty.
  • Section 6 explains that continued delinquency can result in member termination from CESA.

By and large, CESA members have shown diligence in remitting and reporting in a timely manner. Accordingly, this adjustment to Policy will only affect a subset of the program membership. Nevertheless, the update will help ensure that all members are operating on a level playing field and that the program remains financially stable, with fees remitted and reported in a predictable and systematic fashion. The Policy update will also benefit the program by reducing the administrative burden of pursuing delinquent accounts.
A February 28, 2015 Policy commencement date has been chosen in order to provide CESA members with a sufficient period of time to bring their delinquent accounts into order, both in terms of reporting and remitting.
Accounts that remain delinquent on or beyond February 28, 2015, as outlined in section 3 of the Policy – Delinquent Account Classification Categories – will have penalties applied up to and including notification of termination.
Should you have any questions concerning the Policy please contact us at: memberservices@cesarecycling.ca or call: 1-866-670-2372.

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