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Legislative Updates – Oct. 15, 2015

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The regulatory landscape in Canada regarding the stewardship of small appliances is changing, but at a slower pace than anticipated.  Despite the success experienced in BC, many provinces are still only talking about small appliance regulations, rather than drafting them and putting them out for consultation.  It is CESA’s position that we build relationships with provincial governments, but are not interested in pressing those governments to advance EPR legislation of small appliances.  CESA will however, advocate for the CESA-model, at whatever time a provincial government starts to develop small appliance specific legislation.

Haida Gwaii Treeline
Haida Gwaii Treeline

Alberta and Manitoba are both in the midst of a recycling regulation update which will include small appliances and power tools into stewardship regulations.  The Alberta government currently operates the recycling through the third-party Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA), and has indicated that expanding the current electronics to include electrical is the likely outcome of the proposed changes.  CESA firmly believes that combining electrical products with electronic products dilutes both programs, and has the potential to increase prices for small appliances as a subsidy to electronics.  Furthermore, the voice of stewards in the small appliance and power tool industries will be lost against the counterparts in electronics.  There may be opportunities to work with ARMA and the Alberta government to influence the legislative/regulatory outcomes that would favour an industry-led small appliance program, which in CESA’s opinion, would be in the best interests of consumers, stewards and a government that needs to focus on more pressing economic realities.
In Manitoba, the government has signaled a willingness to consider industry-led organizations such as CESA, to increase their diversion rates from landfill, including small appliances.  CESA has reached out to the provincial government, and their third-party waste management arm, Green Manitoba, and will be participating in an industry task force to discuss the various approaches to implementing additional stewardship programs in the province.  CESA will keep its membership informed as to any changes that may be coming in Manitoba, likely not expected until later in 2016.  It is anticipated that draft legislation will be available for public consultation in late 2015.
In Ontario, recent discussions with the Ministry of Environment suggest that small appliances are on the radar, but not likely to be examined in greater detail until later in 2016 for implementation in 2017 or 2018.  There are many stewardship programs in Ontario that will require a restructuring or reboot and because of material volumes, will take precedence for this government, over implementing new stewardship categories.  However, CESA’s stewards should be aware that ongoing consultation in Ontario is critical for the development and implementation of stewardship programs that will work for the steward community and their consumers.  Members are encouraged to participate in all consultation, directly, or through their respective associations, including CESA, AHAM, RCC and CHHMA.
The Yukon and NWT are introducing stewardship legislation, but at this time, the programs will be run by the territorial governments.  With such a small population and a large geographic area with transportation challenges, the costs of operating a CESA-model at this time, would be prohibitive.  CESA is in dialogue with the territories to offer assistance in the planning and implementation stages, to help provide guidance for some of the challenges that CESA faces in northern BC, which mirror some of the challenges found in the territories.
If you have any questions on any legislative activity around CESA products, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Selanders, lselanders@cesarecycling.ca or 905-752-2575.

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