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Notice to CESA Members: February 2019

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You can also view a PDF of this notice here.
The CESA quarterly notice provides important program updates and changes for members. If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to reach out to us directly at any time. We may share your question in future notices, as often times the questions asked by one member are relevant to others. This format presents an opportunity to share learnings and information about the program among all stewards.

1.   Program Product Update

CESA continuously reviews new and existing products to either confirm or exclude their capture under the ElectroRecycle program and ensure a consistent decision-making process is followed.
Product Clarification
The following product has been added to the ElectroRecycle program.

ProductCategoryEHFEffective Date
Thermoelectric Coolers17: Sports, Leisure, Arts, Crafts & Hobby Devices$ 0.75May 15, 2019

All accepted products must be portable and electric, with a power cord and/or battery capacity. The following table is a reminder of products which are excluded from the ElectroRecycle program.

Product Exclusions
Air powered (pneumatic) toolsHeart Rate MonitorsNight Lights
Air ConditionersHeating PadsPaper Shredders
DehumidifiersHoliday DécorPet Devices
Electric BlanketsMassage Chairs and/or PillowsSolar-Powered Products
FlashlightsMedical ThermometersWater Coolers

CESA Product Guide Available Online
A current list of included and excluded products is always available in the CESA Product Guide. A Summary of Program Product Changes is also available. Members are reminded that they must report and remit fees on new products starting 90 days from receipt of notice about the inclusion of the product in the program.
If your company has questions whether a product is included or not included in the program, please email memberservices@cesarecycling.ca with a product description, link and/or photo, and we will provide clarification. Depending on the nature of the product, a decision may need to be reviewed by CESA’s Producer Relations Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis, resulting in a potential delay. We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure all products are thoroughly reviewed.

2. New EHF Reporting System

Based on your feedback, we have upgraded our Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) reporting system, located at cesaerporting.ca. We hope this new system will address some of the opportunities brought forward to us through our fall 2018 member survey.
Here are a few friendly reminders about the new reporting system:

  • Accessing your Account: If you are having trouble logging in to your account, you can reset your password by following the “Forgot your password?” link on the reporting system home page.  Can’t remember your username?  No problem, you can have it sent to you by email by following the “Forgot your username?” link, also on the reporting system home page.
  • Reporting Reminders: The CESA reporting system will now automatically send you reporting reminders to advise you of upcoming reports that are due.  These reminders will either be sent monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the frequency that you file reports.
  • Keeping your Account up to date: Please make sure your member information and account contacts are current and up to date by using the “My Account” tab on the reporting website.  You can also add and remove program products from your reports here.
  • Downloading Invoices and Account Statements: You can download all historical invoices as well as an account statement that will show your outstanding account balance by going to the “Reporting” tab.
  • Resources: Helpful program resources, such as CESA policies and instructions for using the CESA reporting system can be found under the “Resources” tab.
  • Contact Us: Have a question about the reporting system or experience an issue?  Please contact us using the online form found under the “Contact Us” tab.  If you are logged into the system, the form will automatically populate with all of your member details.  Using this form will allow us to better track issues and allow us to respond to your inquiries more efficiently.

3.   Reporting Frequency and Payment Options

Last year we heard from members who were looking for more convenient ways to submit payment, and for some members, fewer times per year. We are pleased to say that CESA has adapted its reporting schedule and the ways you can submit payments.
Small Remitters
CESA has quarterly and annual remitter options for members who report within a certain threshold each year. Those who remit less than $1,000 per year qualify to report and remit fees on an annual basis, and members who report less than $20,000 per year qualify to report quarterly instead of monthly. Send your requests to memberservices@cesarecycling.ca or call 1-877-670-CESA (2372). If your company is eligible, we will move you to small remitter status to help reduce your reporting requirements. For more information, review CESA’s Small Remitter Policy.
Bill Payment Option
Members are now able to pay their CESA EHF invoices through a new online bill payment service which is offered through the following banking institutions:

  • TD Canada Trust
  • Central 1
  • BMO
  • Scotia Bank
  • RBC
  • CIBC

If your preferred bank is not listed, please let us know and we will research whether its inclusion is possible.

4.   2018 Member Compliance Reviews

The 2018 reviews found that the majority of members are in compliance. Member compliance reviews are conducted annually and provide members with an opportunity to sit down one-on-one with a representative of CESA to review products and product categories, environmental handling fees and reporting and remitting options.
Over the past several years CESA’s membership has seen significant improvement in the following areas:

  • Classifying products under the correct categories
  • Reduction in the frequency of late reporting and remitting
  • More than 30% of members who participated in a compliance review in 2018 had no issues

The type and frequency of errors identified through CESA’s compliance reviews are summarized below.

The most prevalent error identified during the 2018 compliance review process was product misclassification.
Common misclassification errors included:

  • Hand-held Power Tools classified as Benchtop Power Tools, and vice versa
  • Test and Measurement Tools classified as Hand-held Power Tools
  • Built-in Microwaves classified as countertop microwaves
  • Gas/kerosene heaters classified as CESA product

Members are reminded to ensure that the correct Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) are applied to applicable CESA products and that payments (whether monthly, quarterly or annually) are submitted on time.
Our membership policies are always available for review on the ElectroRecycle website.
If you have any questions or are unsure of product categorization or applicable fees, please contact us by phone (1-800-670-2372) or by email at memberservices@cesarecycling.ca.

5.   2018 Member Survey

CESA would like to thank those members who completed the online survey in fall 2018, providing valuable feedback on our operations and services, and telling us what is most important to you.
We heard some great feedback, including that 81% of members are happy with the program as it is currently operating. The survey also indicated that 66% of members would continue to work with CESA if small appliance regulations were to be implemented in another province.
We have summarized and addressed the primary concerns that resulted from the member survey.
Question: I don’t understand how the program operates. Why do I have to participate?
The BC Recycling Regulation Program membership is open to all obligated Producers. Producers may include the manufacturers, brand owners, distributors, first importers and retailers of obligated products that are directly sold within or sold into BC.
CESA was formed to assist manufacturers, brand owners and other legally obligated parties in discharging their obligation to provide end-of-life recycling solutions for small appliances and power tools. We strives to run an innovative, flexible and cost efficient stewardship program to ensure products are managed properly at end-of-life.

Question: Why is there so much communication geared toward government relations and member surveys? Shouldn’t the focus be on communication to consumers?
We have a proven track record of increasing consumer awareness and report out awareness metric increases every other year.  We are making every dollar we spend on outreach work as hard as possible, and our spending has decreased over time due to these successes.
However, we do need to communicate with other provincial agencies, as we know they are considering the potential of adding small appliances to existing stewardship regulations.  Our members have asked that we build those relationships such that if the regulations change down the road, that the position of CESA’s members has been heard from the onset.  We are not advocating for more regulation, but are looking to help inform regulators as to what we know works well in BC (and what doesn’t).
Question: Monthly reporting is time consuming. How can I report less frequently?
Great news – CESA has had monthly, quarterly and annual reporting options for a while now, and we apologize if you didn’t know about them.   Your reporting history will determine which frequency might apply for your company.  If you would like to change your reporting frequency, please reach out to us.
As for payments online – CESA is set up to do this through EFT with many major financial institutions.  In fact, we encourage it.  The administration is less costly, which only helps to keep fees as low as possible.  Please let us know if you have any questions about how to set this up. We are happy to help you out.
Question: The capabilities of the online reporting tool are limited. I don’t want to have to put the same information in month to month. When will you address this?
At the end of November 2018, the CESA reporting platform was updated to a new system.  We still have a few bugs, and we apologize for that in advance.  But please know that the platform was updated in large part because of the feedback from our members.  We hope you find the tool to be more efficient, and that at least some of what you asked for has been implemented.  For example, you can now save your methodology, and it only requires your input if something has changed.  No need to input the same information every month.

6.   Regulatory Updates

To ensure our members are apprised of regulatory changes, we have included relevant updates with regard to small appliances in BC as well as other jurisdictions as they become available.
Ontario Ministry of Environment, Climate and Parks (OMECP) has indicated its intentions to consult on a new electronics and electrical waste recycling regulation in the spring of 2019.  There is a chance that small appliances and power tools may be added to the existing framework.  The timeline for the introduction of the expanded products list is uncertain at this time.  CESA has been engaged throughout these initial discussions, and will continue to represent our members at any further consultations.  We also encourage our members to become actively involved, as ultimately the regulation will impact their bottom line.

7.   Board of Directors

CESA is looking to fill two seats on our Board of Directors. The board is structured with the intent of having representation of both manufacturers and retailers from as many product categories as possible. Currently, we have one seat available for a retailer and one for a manufacturer.
If you are interested we would love to hear from you. Please contact Laura Selanders at lselanders@cesarecycling.ca or by phone at 905-747-3317.

8.   CESA Annual General Meeting

CESA will be holding its Annual General Meeting in Toronto on June 20, 2019.  All members will be receiving a member information package and proxy for voting at the beginning of June.  We look forward to membership participation in the process.

9.   Member Contact Information

This is a friendly reminder to ensure that all contact information on your member reporting profile is kept up-to-date. Please email: memberservices@cesarecycling.ca to notify the program of any changes.

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