Given the current situation, we encourage you to reserve your small electrical appliance and power tool recycling for when the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. Social distancing is strongly encouraged, as is staying home. If you must visit a recycling depot, please contact them directly to confirm their operating hours and any precautions they may be asking customers to take at this time.
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Notice to Depots and Other Stakeholders

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The Stewardship Agencies identified below have initiated a cost study to better understand the cost centres at private multi-material depots. The firm of MNP LLP has been retained to conduct the study. The participating Stewardship Agencies are responding to the Ministry of Environment’s guidance and directive that the costs of operating a multi-material depot be better understood and that depots be engaged in the process.

The participating Stewardship Agencies are:
1. Canadian Electrical Stewardship Agency
2. BC Used Oil MA
3. Call2Recycle
4. Outdoor Power Equipment Industry Council

For additional information about the study or if you have any questions, please contact:

Chris Hartman, MNP

Laura Selanders, Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association

David Lawes, BC Used Oil MA