A mysterious item for recycling

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This weekend, the ElectroRecycle Summer Ambassadors hit the road to spread the word about electrical product recycling in the Okanagan. Along the way, they picked up a mysterious item that would come to be the star of their trip.

Ambassador Curtis holding our new friend Agnes outside Planet Earth Recycling, one of the depots that accepts electrical products for recycling.

ElectroRecycle partners with recycling depots all over British Columbia. On their way to events this weekend, our ambassadors stopped at a few of them for a visit. At Planet Earth Recycling, recycling superstar Paul showed them an unusual electrical product.

Sometimes, when thrift stores or charities aren’t able to sell or donate old electrical products, the items are taken to depots to be recycled. This was an example of an item recovered from a thrift store. Paul assured the ambassadors that it was an item covered under ElectroRecycle’s program, but with over 400 items included within the scope of the program, it wasn’t at all clear what it was.

Agnes, our mystery recyclable.

It wasn’t until they did some more research that they finally uncovered the identity of the item. The strange brown box was a die-cutting and embossing machine from the early 2000’s, used to cut paper and press designs into cardstock. It’s pretty interesting to see it in action! The ambassadors liked the charming little box so much, they decided to name her Agnes and bring her on the road with them.

Our ambassadors had a lot of fun travelling with Agnes to the events they attended. She drew plenty of attention to the ElectroRecycle booth. Event attendees of all ages crowded around to guess what the unfamiliar recyclable was.

So many people were trying to figure out what our mysterious item was!

Even the young ones came to check out the booth and try to guess!

It was tricky for people to figure out what Agnes was, but figuring out how to recycle craft machines and other electrical products doesn’t have to be! There are more than 200 locations available for you to drop off items to be recycled for free. For folks living in Kelowna or West Kelowna, where we picked up Agnes, your nearest depots are:

Take a look around your house – you might just find you own little mystery to solve! You can say hello to Agnes and our Summer Ambassadors all over BC this summer. Come find them to learn more about how to recycle small electrical products!

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