CESA Multipurpose and Multi-Packs Policy

This policy provides the framework for product clarifications in what we might describe as ‘non-traditional’ product categories/uses.

Multipurpose or combination-use products

Where the product is a combination of two or more small appliances within one physical unit (not merely within the same package), the fee charged will be for the highest fee applicable of the relevant program categories. For example, where a product makes both coffee and toast, the higher fee is associated with the coffee maker, which falls into the Kitchen Heating category, so that fee would apply.

Multi-Packs or Combination Packs

Where multiple program products are sold as one item (unique UPC or SKU), the fees are applied to each appliance within the package, whether more than one of the same product, or similar/complimentary products. An example of multi-packs is three electric toothbrushes in one package, and the resulting fee is three times the personal care fee. An example of a combination pack might be a package for retail sale that includes a coffee maker, a coffee grinder and a toaster. In this case, the resulting fee would be the sum of 1 kitchen motorized fee, 1 kitchen heating (coffee/tea) fee and 1 kitchen heating fee.

New Products on Market

This policy will be updated as the market conditions warrant. Specifically, as new and innovative products enter the marketplace, they will be assessed for applicability under the ElectroRecycle program, and if necessary, this policy will be modified to include as yet undefined and unknown, non-traditional product definitions.